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Zurück zum BlogTimm Kekeritz und Frank Rausch von Raureif sprechen über das Erstellen von hochwertigen Apps

Portrait von Steffen Gottschalk
Steffen Gottschalk


Lab Talk: Berlin-based Raureif, about crafting beautiful apps

Not often do you see an oxford comma in a presentation. But apparently, this is how Raureif rolls. We were happy to have Timm Kekeritz and Frank Rausch visiting our office for our LabTalk series.

„Raureif is a small design studio: three designers, two developers—big enough to take on any challenge.”

When asking them what they are doing – you’ll get two answers. There is, on the one hand, the business. Raureif understands itself as a design consulting company.

On the other hand, they love to make beautiful apps, like “Partly Cloudy”. You may know it – it’s a very popular weather app. It does anything different than thousands of other weather apps in the App Store. So, what is the difference? Why spending precious time to create another one, and what made “Partly Cloudy” so successfull?

In their talk, Timm and Frank made a reference to the chair: We know, there are plenty of chairs around. They can be green and made of wood or be just cheap and made of white plastic. We can sit comfortably or horribly on it. You get the idea: it’s not about making a new invention. It is all about experiencing something new and great through quality and creativity. In reference to “Partly Cloudy” they have made the difference with the great weather illustration and the given capability of a direct change of it. In short: it looks nice and is handy. From Raureif point of view: this is basically how a weather app should be.

Das Referenz

Das Referenz – a Wikipedia Reader for iPad by Raureif

In their most recent project – “Das Referenz” – Raureif wanted to create a new, improved and redesigned reading experience for Wikipedia articles, not replacing but complementing Wikipedia’s own web interface. They came up with a beautifully crafted iPad app that combines a traditional encyclopedia styled look and feel (think yellowish pages and leather cover) with modern typography and technology.

„…because the content is what matters most. With swipeable stacking articles, you can focus on all that interesting stuff.”

They gave us some interesting insights about the development of Das Referenz and also stated the challenges they have faced during the process.

Frank Rausch talks about Das Referenz

Afterwards we had an extensive and inspiring discussion about displaying a massive amount of content in case of exploring and searching for specific informations. Although we don’t came up with the big idea, we all are aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us.

We say thank you Timm and Frank for your visit. We are more than curious about your next, beautiful thing.