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Matthias Wagler


We’re delighted to introduce you to: wolkenkit 3.0

We’re proud to announce the the latest outcome of our joint venture with the native web: the release of wolkenkit 3.0. wolkenkit is a backend framework for JavaScript that empowers diverse teams to create better software together. All the features of this release are focused on supporting this vision.

A file storage API with the focus on developer experience

There’s a new file storage API that enables you to store and retrieve files. It follows the same authorization approach that wolkenkit already uses for authorizing access to data. This comes in handy if you want to allow users to upload files while restricting actual access to only logged-in users. There is a new client SDK that lets you leverage the power of this API without having to worry about the underlying details.

Backing up the single source of truth

The wolkenkit CLI has had some niceties added to it as well. You can now export all the events in an application’s event store using the new wolkenkit export command. It’s a great and simple way of backing up your application’s state and and all of its history. Of course, there’s also a complementary import command that lets you restore backups.

The future of the cloud: self-documenting APIs

Each wolkenkit API now has a little landing page, making accessing the API a pleasant experience. This is just the start of our long-term vision for the quick and easy creation of self-documenting APIs. The page is also integrated with console.wolkenkit.io so you can easily start to test and debug your API from there.

wolkenkit API Shell

There are more things to explore in this release; described in detail over at the the native web blog . So, if you’re a JavaScript developer looking for a real-time backend tailored for the cloud, make sure to check them out!

Big hugs to the community

But all these features aside, there’s one thing that makes us more than happy: the open and valuable discussions with more and more people in our community. The team has received all kinds of feedback and support – from full-blown pull requests to fruitful discussion – to help us improve the developer experience.

That’s why the team has also been working hard on opening up the development process. All issues have been made public, there’s now a list of good first issues to lower the barrier for external contributions, and the whole process how to contribute to wolkenkit is now part of the offical documentation.

We are very much looking forward to the next year of wolkenkit – the team has lots of ideas and features that didn’t make it into this release. Together we’re driven by our shared vision: empowering diverse teams to build awesome and sustainable software.