Zukunftswerkstatt for the Internet of Things

Good ideas, patents and products with a promising future are always created in special places. There’s a reason for this: technology, talent and tolerance combined provide a breeding ground for intellectual excellence. Bosch are known for their innovative strength. That’s why we were particularly honoured to be given the task to create a space and a format for a new way of working together: it’s a cradle and a workshop of ideas for the internet of things and services.

Together with the Bosch team we created a space where employees could create connected products together, regardless of their department in the organisation and free of hierarchical restrictions. Here, products are born that reach far beyond anything achievable in individual departments. Research suggests that not just the finding and filtering but above all the “getting stuck in” with ideas is crucial for innovative impulses. The future workshop provides the answer to questions like “How can we create advantageous starting points allowing employees to develop and quickly evolve ideas together?” Or “How can creators from differing skills backgrounds within the company get together, and how can these teams turn an idea swiftly into a prototype that can be the basis for a a product development or a strategic decision?”

Bringing to the table years of experience in the ideation process, innovation workshops and rapid prototyping phases, Intuity developed methods and optimised starting points for interdisciplinary ideas in close cooperation with the Bosch team. The aim: to help employees’ ideas come alive. During the work in process the researchers took centre stage. Meanwhile, Intuity acted “only” as an ideas catalyst and enabler for the prototyping of digital user interfaces. We created advantageous frameworks where innovators and implementers could connect, and where the positive “Doer” experience could be shared. This led to a culture of learning and knowledge exchange. The results of the future workshop were well received throughout the Bosch organisation and sparked a number of interdisciplinary development projects.

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