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Wind energy is an essential part of the energy future

There has never been a better chance to shape the future of our energy supplies

The Intuity Energy Transformation Lab develops products and services for the energy landscape. We analyze the necessary changes, model systems and develop solutions.

Compass for energy

With the Paris climate agreement there is now a compass that shows where the future lies. The international community has taken the normative lead and developed a first plan for 'climate financing'. The field is now open strategically and operationally. Together with politics, society and business, we are shaping the landscape.

Based on: IRENA (2019), Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future

Challenges open up opportunities

Germany has set itself the target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. For us to achieve this goal, future initiatives must be radical enough to meet the core of the challenges at eye level. Climate protection creates added value and scope for social and economic change – the way to achieve this can provide the driving force for future economic development.

According to a study by the European Commission, increasing energy efficiency by 27% by 2030 could create up to 2 million new jobs. (European Commission. n.d. "Renewable Energy.")

Products for energy transformation

The power grids are the integrators for the conversion. The complex system of generators - networks - network operators, market mechanics, politics and customers was created 20 years ago for the electricity sector. In the future, a multiple of the energy quantities for mobility, heat, P2X and agriculture, whose systemic requirements are also complex, will also flow. To achieve this, integrative solutions must be designed.

New options and opportunities arise at the interfaces. Our cross-sector experience makes our team a think tank and do tank for future business models and products.