Connected HVAC

The JunkersHome application offers a convenient and energy-saving method to create the perfect climate at home using a smartphone to control the Junkers heating system.

Bosch Thermotechnik and our design team developed an app to control the Junkers heating system. Just like umbrella brand Bosch, JunkersHome aims to offer innovative products and services within the internet environment.

Supporting efficient heat generation is one of the main features of this application. Along with insulation and controlled ventilation it’s the most important factor when it comes to sustainable heating. Using the App interface, the desired temperature can be set individually for any day of the week. Heat generation can be adjusted to consumers’ actual requirements which increases comfort and reduces energy usage.

During the design of the JunkersHome app, attractiveness of the user interface was key to avert any initial hurdles when using the heating control. Technology takes a backseat, in favour of elegant, friendly and simple design. The Design Center Stuttgart recognised the application for its “outstanding excellent user experience” and awarded the project with the “Focus in Gold” at the international Baden-Würtemberg Design Awards.

Case Studies