Smart Electric Drive

Electric mobility has made the leap from being a vision of the future to becoming reality on the road. Electric vehicles are now being manufactured in series. The growing number of charging stations increases flexibility in terms of driving range and ease of recharging. Intuity designed a personalized mobile app for Daimler AG’s ‘smart electric drive’ that clearly summarizes data and functions relating to an electric vehicle’s state of charge, charging options and calculation of driving range.

What is the current driving range of my electric vehicle? Where can I find the next e-filling station? Is the vehicle connected to the electric socket so that I can preheat it in a more resource saving way? An efficient use of individual electric mobility also means expanding the interfaces with the vehicle. Linking on-board vehicle information and intelligent web-based services helps analyze driving habits and optimize your own vehicle’s energy consumption. Driving range calculations and charging can be coordinated even before the start of the journey. However, convenience issues such as the vehicle’s location or a simple reminder about a parking meter also become possible.

Together with Daimler’s R&D department, Intuity is developing a personalized smartphone site for electric vehicles from Daimler. Intuity is providing support for the project from the user interface design and user experience design to the specification for the applications. An agile team of research engineers and designers identified the app’s specific functionalities by means of use cases and converted these into a visual operating concept. The user interface makes different functional areas such as ‘smart charging’ easily accessible and links them intelligently with location-based services such as ‘Range Map’ and ‘Station Finder’. The flexible extensibility and modular skinning of the user interface for the respective vehicle brands were especially important when developing the design and were taken into account in designing the app.

The notification service paves the way for social networking, opening up scope for future applications. The project ‘F125! Seamless convenience experience’, which was created in tandem with the ‘smart electric drive’ app, provides a preview of the future of mobility-based services.

Daimler AG presented the service to the general public at IAA 2011 with the aid of the smartphone apps for the smart ed.

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