Can a bicycle change one’s life?

This bike from Switzerland is not a toy. It’s not just a sports bike either. The Stromer bike is an integral part of the conscious and enjoyable urban lifestyle of its owners. Customers love their bikes and enjoy their new freedom and mobility in the city.

The success story of the Swiss startup Stromer provides impulses and shows how we will move in the big cities of our world.

The founders designed and built a very special e-bike. It impresses with top-grade quality components and an extraordinary design. The individual parts of the bicycle are beautifully integrated into the frame. The result is a robust and high-quality urban bike with clean lines. With it, Stromer owners rediscover their mobility in a new way. They love the carefree ease of riding the bike and develop a passion for their daily cycling in the city.

Digital connectivity with STROMER OMNI.

Intuity is Stromer’s development partner for their digital app. Stromer OMNI is an integral part of the connected bikes and gives answers about the range, use and status of one’s bike. Depending on mood, road conditions and weather situation, cyclists can choose their preferences for torque and support of the powerful electric motor. In addition, the app provides comprehensive statistics on driven routes, times and driving speed.

The digital connectivity of Stromer allows city cyclists to avoid cumbersome bicycle locks. An electronic immobilizer and the transmission of position data make any theft attempt pointless. Thanks to the integrated SIM card and GPS transmitter everything works digital – locking and unlocking, theft protection as well as software updates.

Perfect mobility solution for shared fleets.

Companies like Emmi, Samsung, Siemens and Swisscom offer their employees Stromer bicycles as a great alternative to company cars. Stromer’s connectivity is considered the most mature for shared use cases. The interface allows docking to existing systems without much effort.

Our team loved testing and riding the Stromer bikes. If you’re interested, visit Stromer Bike for an overview of the models and a list of dealers near you.

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