Understanding climate change

How do you visualize the dangers of climate change and its possible solutions? With the EnergyGlobe developed by Intuity. This interactive exhibit devised in conjunction with energy company EnBW for the Hannover Messe proved so successful it has since been displayed in many cities.

Population growth, energy consumption, climate change – these are the issues that future generations will grapple with. Energy company EnBW wanted to demonstrate cause and effect whilst highlighting a broad range of potential climate change solutions with a striking exhibit at the 2007 Hannover Messe.

Working with our clients, we created the EnergyGlobe as a focal point of EnBW’s stand. This large sphere incorporates four projectors for 3D animations and a number of interactive user interfaces. Using a touch screen, visitors can navigate the content on offer. The text was devised and graphics applied in cooperation with the leading German science magazine Bild der Wissenschaft. We also received up-to-date data from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and from the German Climate Computation Centre in Hamburg. This was a cooperative project with our partners at Meso. The result is an exciting experience, demonstrating climate change issues in an engaging and convincing way.

The EnergyGlobe was a major visitors’ attraction at the Hannover Messe. It has since been displayed at similar events in Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Rome.

Case Studies