Consistent, clear solutions for tomorrow’s energy

In the coming years, energy solutions will form the basis of key technologies. Few industries will experience the same level of transformations as the energy sector. Energy efficiency will be the leading subject for a range of areas including mobility and intelligent environments like SmartHomes. Tomorrow’s energy era will also open new opportunities to consumers. Personal consumption will be more transparent and easier to manage.

Intuity assists EnBW on a range of research projects and specific product developments towards sustainable solutions for private and commercial customers. A number of intelligent products and services, based on energy as a commodity are already in development. Smart Grids, as well as sustainable energy usage, are turning consumers into producers and they may soon become traders. EnBW delivers consistent solutions for a networked energy future thanks to intelligent energy products and services. This transformation requires determination and design that puts the consumers at the heart of everything.

The energy future has been the subject of continuous cooperation with EnBW for a number of years. In line with the multi-layer principle, our research involves various levels, from distant future projects through to products being implemented in the next few years.

“EnergyForesight” is concerned with scenarios aimed at the distant, unwritten future of energy. As part of our „Vision Workshops” we develop values, attributes and features for energy solutions together with stakeholders from diverse sections of EnBW.

“EnergyInsight” develops these insights further by taking into account foreseeable short-term trends. The aim is to widen and scrutinize EnBW’s range of options for forthcoming products and services.

“EnergyAction” focuses on specific development projects for products and services for the near future. In particular, we look at the requirements for User Centred Design. This is where the person takes centre stage. An enjoyable user interface and a sense of achievement – e.g. through energy-saving or a reduced carbon footprint – are key to successful energy solutions.

[see: The Institute for the Future IFTF | Foresight into Insight into Action]

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