Paradox Conference

PARADOX Conference – Stuttgart Dialogue on Economy and Society

The Stuttgart-based PARADOX conference is a gathering of free thinkers whose ideas go beyond (para) today’s dominant views (doxa).

PARADOX is centered on a present in which core concepts such as growth, prosperity and progress have become paradoxical. These contradictions are not seen as something that must be eliminated, but as phenomena which are central to our day and age. Shifting our perspective in this way is not an intellectual game. It has real and fundamental implications for the way we work. Paradoxicality is no longer understood to be out of our control. Instead, it is brought into the light of day to be acted upon and shaped. And as a result, new opportunities are arising which previously would not have been recognized as such.

The PARADOX conference is a collaborative initiative which we launched together with our friends at Agora42 in 2016. Conference talks by Armin Nassehi, Nico Paech, Richard David Precht, Jochen Wittbrodt and many others are available online at

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