Glaucoma screening via touch

Unlike ordinary contactless tonometry, the VISUPLAN 500, a non-contact tonometer, allows intraocular pressure to be routinely checked without anesthesia to prevent glaucoma. Together with ZEISS we have analyzed the process of glaucoma prevention and created a easy to use user interface for the VISUPLAN 500.

Around 500,000 Germans suffer from elevated intraocular pressure. Ten percent of these cases threaten blindness. The risk of going blind has been greatly reduced in recent years through early detection and better treatments. Medical therapy focuses on reducing intraocular pressure by medication or surgery. The initial screening test must be paid for by the patient. Thanks to the new user interface design, measurement can now be carried out by the ophthalmologist’s practice team via touch operation. The simple and intuitive operation of the user interface can be easily integrated into the common initial screening test. The measurement is done through a gentle pulse of air with automatic evaluation. The friendly design establishes the patient’s trust and reduces their fear of the checkup.

The device can be connected to local databases and electronic patient management systems or specific database systems from ZEISS. This connectivity created the foundation for fundamental transformations in business models in the medical industry. Read more: “Convergence of business models”.

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