Professional Fleet Logistics

Mercedes PRO connect is a platform that connects fleet managers with all vehicles and drivers of a fleet. A functioning logistics system is the basis of almost every value chain. From family-owned workshops to a full-grown logistics company – it is always important to get the vehicle fleet on the road as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

A communication module installed in the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter makes this technically possible. However, capturing the vehicle data is just one building block. The preparation and presentation of the data as well as the interaction with the associated services are just as important. Mercedes PRO connect focuses on increasing the productivity of vehicle fleets. The software not only optimizes routes, but also simplifies work processes in planning and execution. Together with the team of Mercedes-Benz Vans we first developed a profound understanding of the customers’ daily challenges and wishes. After analyzing the customer needs, we created tailor-made concepts, and an appealing and user interface that can also grow with future requirements.

Fleet Management Tool – The Fleet Manager’s Control Center

Controlling and optimizing the fleet for smooth operation is the prime objective of a fleet manager. A web-based tool is the perfect companion to this task: It creates transparency by translating the raw vehicle data into meaningful information and then deriving recommendations for action. In addition to recommendations and the current fleet status, past data and trends are also evaluated.

Through monitoring services and live notifications, managers keep track of the condition of their fleet at all times. This enables them to answer questions that in the past could only be answered with great manual effort: What is the current workload? How ecological is our driving style, and what can we do to improve it? What is the maintenance condition of my vehicles? Is there a regular or unscheduled service appointment?

Driver’s App – The Mobile Companion for Drivers

Mercedes PRO Connect also supports the drivers. Through an app, they get access to the fleet’s vehicles and their features, which makes it easier to share them dynamically within a fleet.

Finally, the tool also addresses one of the biggest challenges and time-wasters of job mobility: maintaining the logbook. Rides are automatically recorded based on position and telemetry data and can be exported by the driver and fleet manager in accordance with regulatory requirements.

As a vehicle manufacturer, service and software provider, Mercedes-Benz Vans can now offer its customers comprehensive solutions that were previously only available to large logistics companies. Smaller craft and supply companies in particular can profit from the new opportunities, thanks to Mercedes PRO Connect, and so stay competitive.

Mercedes PRO connect has been available in Europe since June 2018 and in the US since September 2018, and has been growing ever since.

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