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Modular cube system as remote control for Smart Home systems

homee – From start-up idea to service

Intuity supports start-up teams to transform technological innovations to friendly services.

The team at codeatelier had a stunning idea: a simple and affordable remote to control your home from anywhere while staying the master of your own data. The team had already developed the basic technologies. But how to transform a technical solution to an attractive service?

Modular system of cubes

Our concept is based on a modular system of cubes. The users are able to append any wireless standard simply by snapping on the matching cube. Now they can add any smart home device working with an open wireless standard and build a customized, private system.

homee product ecosystem

The overall design of the system components – the wireless and the processing cubes, the user interface as well as the cloud architecture – illustrates the promise of the service: a simple yet secure and playful control of extremely expandable smart home system. We think that this system is perceived intuitively and will be liked for its playful attitude. We are convinced that this will boost the success of the young startup team.

Find out more: hom.ee