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German Design Award Gold 2018 for ComfyLight
ComfyApp shows the security solution application and an intelligent light bulb mounted in a lamp socket
Intuity Media Lab wins the German Design Award 2018 Gold
Markus Turber at the award ceremony of the golden German Design Award 2018

ComfyLight illuminates home security

'Hardware is hard' is one of the most commonly quoted adages within the high-tech startup scene. ComfyLight is one of the stars among the German startups that dared to take on the development of networked products.

ComfyLight combines the comfort of a networked light bulb with state-of-the-art sensors and machine learning. This turns the LED lamp into a security solution that can learn to differentiate a burglar from a cat. Besides detecting break-ins, ComfyLight can also actively protect a home from burglary. It can learn to simulate the presence of a home’s residents in a way that looks natural. The founders’ conscious decision not to put a camera in ComfyLight means that it protects not only the property of the residents, but also their privacy.

ComfyLight was a success story from the get-go! The business plans already won several competitions with significant sums of prize money and made it possible to create the first prototype. Initial investors were thrilled by the idea. A highly successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter provided enough momentum. In spring 2017, the lamp, ComfyCloud, ComfyApps and all other components of the ecosystem were done and could be sent to backers and customers.

The close collaboration with ComfyLight started even before the foundation of ComfyLight AG, as the team of founders were researching solutions related to the Internet of Things and Services at the University of St.Gallen. The ideas were followed by the entrepreneurial concept to bring innovation to the market and start a company at the same time. Intuity developed the user experience together with the colleagues at ComfyLight, especially through the apps and brand for ComfyLight. The product was designed by our friends at Yuno Design.


Gold for ComfyLight! The German Design Council honors ComfyLight with the German Design Award 2018 in gold in the Digital Products category.

IF Design Award & CES Innovation Awards Honoree


German Energy Award