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Laptop with GIRA application to determine the scope of the system with a digital multimeter placed next to it
Several white boards with strategic drawing and pinned notes
White door communication system, with a person in front of it, displays children on a monitor
Installation of the Gira assistant

Effortless configuration – a brand experience

Gira offers an excellent product range in the field of electronic installation. Customers appreciate their comfort, elegance and premium quality. The brand demands the same attributes for their installation process: electricians should be given the best parameterisation tools possible. Intuity supports Gira in the development of this configuration software.

Gira has recognised that a simple product configuration is as important as the intuitive handling that follows. Both worlds should share the best user experience reflecting the language of the brand. It was important from the start to create a configuration concept that could be applied to diverse situations.

The first step dealt with the challenges of designing an intercom system. The software had to be simpler – an electrician using the system for the first time should feel completely at home with it. He shouldn’t face obstacles like having to leave his computer in order to manage the different systems individually throughout the building.

The application developed with Gira solves this task with a clearly led process. The customer completes all settings step-by-step with the software assistant, saving vital time on the building site and keeping a clear overview. Also, as the application runs in a browser, the installer is not tied to a specific operating system, and Gira does not need to supply software for individual platforms.

The result is a Gira tool that assists the installer in a meaningful way with clear user guidance and simple processes for seamless configuration.

„It should be easy to find one’s way around new fields of configuration. Apart from increasing efficiency, it’s equally important to create an enjoyable user experience.”
Markus Turber