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Energy Monitor Dashboard from Kiwigrid

Your grid at a single glance

With renewable energies and progressive electrification, the formerly vertical electricity supply chain has evolved into a highly decentralised and small-scale market. The transformation of energy systems must – both then and now – be viewed and shaped holistically across all sectors.

In 2011, the start-up company Kiwigrid approached us in order to develop their vision of a interconnected energy revolution. The Energy Monitor was born – a pioneer in energy management for home use.

Decentralization, individual generation and fluctuating consumption create a multitude of intransparent factors and dependencies. Many of these aspects cannot be mapped with conventional consumption planning. This applies to one's own home as well as to the network of a municipality.

A successful energy turnaround therefore requires sensible networking along the entire electricity supply chain (from producers to consumers). This requires a high degree of transparency and the ability to control electricity generation.

Setup process

Kiwigrid's Energy Monitor is an intelligent management tool for forecasting and measuring energy production – from your own PV system, for example – storing current stocks for your own use or reselling shares and feeding them into the local grid.

The private producer thus gains self-sufficiency in the power grid. Insights and control options in electricity generation, electricity consumption and advance planning create a more conscious use of energy and promote active electricity prosumer awareness.