Keeping an eye on the big picture. Focusing on what’s relevant.

We identify with our clients business areas for the future, examine their potential with the aid of user insights and pretotypes. We develop design strategies for the implementation of new products and services.

This enables our clients to:

  • Quickly and efficiently determine the economic potential of new technologies and social trends on the basis of user insights
  • Use the findings to derive strategies for future business models, products, and services
  • Have a positive bearing on the future for the development of the company by communicating the proposed hypotheses and prototypical implementaions

Our Tools

Design thinking

We research the explicit needs and unarticulated wishes of future customers. Therefore, we develop the user experience strategy for innovative products and gradually refine them on the basis of dialog with the users and the company’s stakeholders. For example during our Design Thinking Workshop for Tefal.


In contrast to prototypes, which examine the feasibility of future services, we use pretotypes to look into the appeal and the actual use of potentially new products. Pretotypes simulate the key characteristics of a product or service with minimum expense and time requirements. Our hardware pretotypes for Homee provide a great example for this.


Nobody can foresee the future. But investing in the ideas of small, flexible teams combined with the market lever of established businesses reduces uncertainty and shapes the future. We support agile teams to establish an effective culture of ideation, business modeling and prototyping in order to come up with great product and service ideas. For example during the The Bosch Internet of Things Zukunftswerkstatt.

Case Studies