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The robot Copernicus supports people with cognitive or physical disabilities
Kopernikus is an open source software hardware prototyping platform

Designing products

Next Generation Products

Artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud technologies are enabling a new product category: Smart Connected Products. At Intuity, we bundle the necessary expertise in how to combine complex technologies with unarticulated, fuzzy customer needs. We create simple and desirable products.

Smart Connected Products

New opportunity areas emerge when products are equipped with sensors, actuators and networked data processing. When an ecosystem is created in which hardware products and digital services are seamlessly connected. The new generation of products blurs the boundaries between analogue and digital.

New products influence the way we live and work. Like robots supporting me at home, microscopes that diagnose automatically, or smart home systems, that are simple and lovable.

The new meaning

In a connected world, everything can be connected to everything. Action and reaction are no longer subject to the laws of nature, but to our imagination. Digitalization is changing the way we live and thus our ideas of what is desirable, useful and sustainable.

The connected world is creating an enlightened society full of individuals who long for more self-determination, a clear conscience, health, freedom and time. We want these values to manifest themselves in the things that surround us.

„We create tools that give people superpowers and products that reflect a world we want to live in.”
Smart Connected Products Moodboard
Smart Connected Products Moodboard

Technology, Design & Emergent Strategy

We are pragmatic. The way we work focuses on fast and concrete knowledge gain. This is how we achieve a steep learning curve and a high level of effectiveness. Working closely with our clients, strategy emerges in a quick interplay of thinking and doing.

Our prototype workshop is therefore just as important to our way of working as several workshop rooms. Teams use them for design sprints, rapid prototyping and workshops. Here we model, discuss, screw, solder, mill, program, print, laugh and produce - the unimaginable becomes imaginable.

Aesthetics, function and ergonomics are significant factors in the success of products. The greatest challenge in product design is to break down complexity into simple and meaningful solutions. Technology and good design are inseparable.

Curious about how we work?

We work in small teams that are specialized in solving challenges transdisciplinary and dynamic. Together with our clients we develop a deep understanding of the domain and an overview of the opportunity areas.

Most of our work is confidential, but we are grateful to our clients who have allowed us to reveal some of our relationship and work.

Portrait of Antonio Krämer-Fernandez

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