Sound of Science Campaign for Carl Zeiss

After an intensive user centred design process for the software frontend, Carl Zeiss launched the first microscope with interfaces designed by Intuity on board. With the Laser Scanning Microscope LSM 710, Carl Zeiss defines another milestone in microscopy. It opens new horizons towards highest sensitivity, flexibility and usability in examining fluorescent probes in biology. A great research instrument for labs all over the world as well as a great achievement and success for Carl Zeiss.

For sure – after nearly three years of collaborative development, the success of the software and the new LSM 710 was a project very close to our hearts. So we were very excited as Carl Zeiss asked Intuity to accompany the market launch and online communication. Pretty quickly three more microscopes followed.

The demands placed on microscopes at the cutting edge of research are comparable to those placed by a top musician on his instrument: Both practitioners require utmost precision and purity of performance. The methaphoric link to music was born. An ensemble of first-class research instruments by Carl Zeiss forms the orchestra of the “Sound of Science”.

On the basis of the musical concept Intuity designed four web specials according to each microscope’s application. The campaign sprout in close cooperation with our friends in Berlin Playframe and Fünfwerken. Fünfwerken developed the text as well as the print communication. Playframe was in charge of producing the motion images.

Case Studies