Internship at Intuity: Leon, Lui, Seb

Written by
Jonas Heuer
29 August 2014

We are Leon, Luigi and Sebastian. All from different universities in Germany. During the last six months, we had the pleasure of gaining knowledge, fetch ideas and help realising great projects at Intuity Stuttgart.

Leon studies Interaction Design at the University of Applied Science Schwäbisch Gmünd. There he’s focussing on making complex things simple, no matter if it’s creating user interfaces or explaining scientific topics with interactive installations.

Luigi studies Intermedia Design at Pforzheim University. He’s fascinated by the new field of Natural User Interface Design and its use in everyday life through Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet Of Things.

Sebastian studies Interface Design at the University of Applied Science Potsdam. He has his roots in information architecture and likes to dig deep into user research for a better understanding of humans communicating with machines.


At Intuity we had the chance to show what we’re made of. 
Real projects and clients, waiting for our ability to create and communicate. Intuity is a strategic design and innovation studio where we as interns are not only members but also appreciated fellows. Everyone works and talks at eye level, the atmosphere couldn’t be better. Flat hierarchies and open minded people are the basis for a great time working on inspiring topics. In the end, we all were able to work independently, dealing with new and interesting challenges every day: Resolving complexity and at the same time creating a positive user experience. At the end of our hard brainwork the user experience strategy crystallizes in a beautiful user interface design.

Our six month experience was also shaped by the overall Intuity philosophy. Events like Intuity’s own Lab Talks featuring outside guests coming from different sectors and backgrounds have been a big inspiration. Having BBQ in the park and celebrating birthdays were a good opportunity for all of us to get to know each other. We made a lot of friends here!

We say “Thanks Intuity!” for the great time.