PLCR — The Intuity Lunchtime App, Part I

Written by
Marcel Müller
13 September 2013

Every day around 12:00 am the same question arises in our heads:

Where do I want to have lunch today?

Usually, this begs the question where others are going to have lunch, so we could go together. But sometimes it’s quite hard to find common ground since everyone has his own whim.

So organizing where to go and especially with whom is a tricky task sometimes. It might sound simple, but arranging lunch with a few out of nearly 30 fellows, spread over two floors, can definitely become quite complicated really fast. Patric and I wanted to somehow support this process and make the task itself fast, easy and fun.

Finding a Solution

So we put our heads together to collect some ideas. One workshop later we already had something in mind. After discussing with a few colleagues in a first „Seed & Meet“ and a lot of great feedback, we just started building a device independent concept.

plcr design snapshot

The first outcome showed us that we need a mobile app — accessible for everyone, everywhere. The app should provide groups with the ability to organize themselves better collaboratively. We named it plcr (pronounced: placer). To prove our idea and concept, we decided to make an internal beta testing phase. Therefor we optimized our concept for the iOS platform, tried to make a snappy design and reduced the functionality to the minimum. After all, we could start developing plcr quite fast.

In this first internal release of plcr, users will get an overview of possible locations to visit. Additionally all the other users, who already joined a location, will show up on the list. The user will be able to join or create locations and share it with friends.

Maybe this idea can change the way of group dynamics into a fast and vivid experience …

Next Steps

technology we will use

tech we use in combination with HTML and CSS

In the upcoming sprint we will build the app with AngularJS on client-side and nodejs in combination with mongodb on the server-side and wrap it with Cordova into a native iOS app. We will then start an internal test run to find out how such an app will fit into the daily decision making. We’re really excited to see if it helps us improving our lunchtime. We already have a lot more ideas in mind what plcr could do in the future. Stay tuned for the internal release review!