wolkenkit – the JavaScript backend designed to bridge the gap between domain and technology

Written by
Christopher Rampf
23 Juni 2017

Welcome wolkenkit!

From our experience the most important challenges of IT projects aren’t related to technology. It’s the communication between different disciplines and cultural issues that complicate the process of creating software, digital services and APIs. There are concepts like domain-driven design that address these issues and they’ve been sticking around for quite some time now. But they haven’t spread to other communities yet, for example the JavaScript community. We want to change that.


That’s why we’ve joined forces with the talented people at the native web to develop wolkenkit, a semantic JavaScript backend. It empowers you to setup an API for your business by bridging the language gap between your domain and technology. Together we share the belief that for software to solve real-world problems we first need to question and innovate on the way we build software itself.

Door plate

But there’s more things that get us excited about wolkenkit:

It does not store the current application state, but the stream of events that led to it. This concept is called event-sourcing and it allows you to reinterpret your past. wolkenkit let’s you sale with confidence because it separates reading data from writing them by incorporating a CQRS architecture. Thus you can optimize each part and scale it as needed.

So after 4 years of intense development, writing and iterating code we’re incredibly proud to share the outcomes of this joint venture. We’d like to say thank you to all the people who’ve been involved in this long, intense and ambitious process from the first idea to launch.

wolkenkit is available as Open Source from this week on. We’re curious for the next stage of the project and welcome you to be a part of the wolkenkit community. Check out the Getting Started Guide and read the awesome docs!

We’re hungry for feedback!

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