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Portrait of Stefan Brandys
Stefan Brandys


Next Mobility Services – When traveling becomes an experience

Air laden with fine dust, parking spaces full in downtown areas, congestion and traffic noise – all this will soon be history thanks to the self-driving electric vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are the future. When they are intelligently linked, they become true superheroes: They travel independently around the city, do not require valuable parking spots, and arrive quickly at the desired destination. Depending on individual needs, you can always order a Family Panorama Mobile, City Shopper, Overnight Cruiser, Business Van, Sport or Group Car via an app.

Driverless autonomous vehicles in combination with interconnecting services stands for a completely new understanding of mobility: It’s not the journey per se, but rather the possibilities of time and travel that are critical. I book a spontaneous trip to Hamburg 600 kilometers away. Now I can choose between the comfortable Overnight Cruiser, the self-driving Office or the Family Panorama Mobile. Which restaurants should be stopped at along the way? And wouldn’t it be interesting to find a little detour where I can pass the time? Or even better: Can I meet my friends, who are also traveling, at a suitable location for coffee? No problem? Perfect – that is service!

Expedition trips with a bus and sleeping trailer

Not quite as comfortable as described above, but the travel concept from Rotel Tours is inspiring the travel of tomorrow. In 1959 Georg Höltl invented Rotel Tours, the rolling hotel: an omnibus with a sleeping trailer.

For the first time it was possible to make individualized expedition trips by bus which were largely independent of the infrastructure, and catering was done locally and large distances could be covered overnight. With this service, Rotel Tours has continued to successfully occupy a niche in the market. This type of travel is the future: Autonomous vehicles and networked services will offer users a diverse range of individual travel options – independent and comfortable.