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Cellbricks – Leading the 3D revolution in printing human biology
Life Science
The capacity to print biological matter will fundamentally change laboratory work over the next years – just as personal computers changed office work.
The 'blue thread' in industrial measuring technology
The future of production
The industrial measurement technology of tomorrow rests on two pillars. On the one hand, it is based on intelligent and highly automated measuring instruments and control algorithms, and on the other hand, on the best possible support for the user.
ComfyLight illuminates home security
Connected Living
ComfyLight is one of the stars among the German startups that dared to take on the development of networked products.
Minimic – Intelligence for routine microscopy
Life Science
For over 100 years, microscopy has been one of the most important examination tools in medicine. Artificial intelligence now enables microscopes to learn from human experts and make diagnoses independently.

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