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Portrait of Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Welcome Alex Kirsch, Henning Falk and Tim Rach

Say hello to our new colleagues Alexandra Kirsch, Henning Falk and Tim Rach. It’s really awesome how our interdisciplinary team grows. Alex, Henning and Tim have different backgrounds and unique skills in AI, Robotics and Biotechnology. We’re very happy to have them!

Alex Kirsch is a computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Interaction. She explores the representation of complex problems as interactive processes, and develops methods to handle complexity by boosting human intelligence with the assistance of computers.

Henning Falk is a molecular biotechnologist by training who recently finished his PhD working with different microscopy imaging systems. He strengthens our team with his experience in life sciences and medicine and with an interest in tinkering and technical prototyping, Henning is frequently seen around our workshop area and the 3D printer.

Tim Rach is a computer scientist focussing on Visual Computing, Programming Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Currently he is also working on his PhD thesis at the University of Tübingen in the field of Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence, in which he is trying to improve daily interactions with notification- and reminder systems. When not at work, he puts his passion for prototyping and hacking into the design and creation of video games.