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Future and design

Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


But where danger is, there grows also that which saves.

Friedrich Hölderlin wrote these lines in 1803 in the poem Patmos. There are hardly any better words than these to describe this past year. We want to take the Christmas season and the turn of the year as an opportunity to look back and risk a glimpse into the new year.

Global pandemic, irresponsible populism and conspiracy theories – that should cover the danger. And on the saving side? The common sense of the majority and good leadership that carefully weighs individual interests against the common good on the basis of verifiable facts, transparency in communication and adaptation to changing circumstances. Prudence may have prevailed this past year, but we have to stop the divisive polarization as soon as possible.

Working together on the future

Nothing strengthens cohesion a much as a common goal or dream. We must therefore see the great challenges facing the economy and ecology in a “full world” not only as a danger, but also as a common goal – an opportunity. The future is about more than innovation alone – it is about fundamental work on our common future!

Making the best of this opportunity, the socio-economic transformation in Europe begins with the Green Deal. This will lay the basis for a strong and unifying narrative full of self-confidence – a European dream! Fantastic investments in energy, housing, transport, agriculture, health and food are awaiting implementation. We must work together to make this dream become reality.

„The problem for us humans is less what we shall now choose to do than what being we shall resolve to become.”
William James, The Principles of Psychology


Idealistic “movers and shakers” have already shown us how it works and school children have described what they imagine their future will look like. All in all this is very reassuring. It sort of takes some of the pressure off working on the future – because we no longer need to cling to the old ways while exploring new ones. We can let go of our old ways in many respects and devote our energies to our common future.

A relaxing and joyful Christmas season wishes you Markus Turber, Stefan Brandys und Steffen Süpple. Let us continue to unite and actively work together toward a desirable future in 2021!