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Portrait of Stefanie Turber
Stefanie Turber


100 million trees agains climate change

The climate is changing rapidly, and reducing global warming is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Preserving and reforesting forests worldwide is one of the key nature-based mechanisms for binding CO2. Models show that there is room for an additional trillion new trees worldwide, which – grown into healthy ecosystems – could alone bind 30% of the surplus CO2 in our atmosphere.

Planting trees against climate change – Important but not trivial

A seemingly tangible solution. However, cultivating trees is multi-layered and complex. Reforestation is not just about planting trees. It needs context-specific fine-tuning, in social and ecological, and economic terms, to unfold the potential. Sustainable cultivation respects local soil and climate conditions as well as biodiversity and manages to make local people motivated participants.

The Purpose company Fairventures embraced this opportunity years ago. The team can now look back on 1 million tree seedlings 🌱 which it has distributed and cultivated hand in hand with smallholders in the Global South – for the climate and in harmony with people and nature. Scaling this wealth of knowledge and making it accessible to millions of farmers or similar organizations worldwide is the next logical step for the team.

Together with Intuity, Fairventures extracted its knowledge about the needs of trees and people on the ground in a strategy sprint, bundled it, and created the foundations for a scalable, socio-technical solution: TREEO.

Johannes Schwegler, CEO
„We work with Intuity because we value the transdisciplinary, systemic approach. We aim to illuminate our complex mission holistically and get it on track with the necessary depth. From sharpening our vision, conceptualizing the ecosystem, and our organizational design to the pitch deck, Intuity supported many elements and the right entrepreneurial mindset to develop our idea plan a venture. Intuity has become part of our team.”

TREEO – From project to venture

TREEO is the nucleus of a sophisticated ecosystem that focuses on people and their work to benefit climate and nature. With TREEO, the cultivation of trees and the storage of CO2 can be measured easily and precisely for the first time and thus be rewarded appropriately as an essential activity for our climate.

The core of the TREEO system is the farmers' digital measurement of individual trees – and their motivation to do so. Knowledge, technology, and well-thought-out incentive structures closely intertwined across all ecosystem partners transform the collected TREEO data into diamonds in the rough. They are the key to allowing tree-planting farmers to participate directly in the carbon market and an opportunity for companies to offset their carbon footprint in an ecologically and ethically reliable way.

1 million tree seedlings thanks to Fairventures

Our teams from Intuity and Fairventures worked together in a profound sprint to create the vision, goals, and differentiator of TREEO, sharpen the value proposition for ecosystem partners, and back it up with a systemic approach. Together, we developed a framework for the ecosystem and core processes, outlined an initial business model based on this, and developed an organizational structure. The pitch deck built on this facilitates collaboration with investors and relevant partners in the ecosystem – e.g. at COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

For Intuity, working with Fairventures and TREEO on their mission is a matter of the heart. We are looking forward to working closely together to expand further the range of services and reach of the TREEO platform and help shape the relevant mission.

Intuity is one of the first to offset the carbon footprint for its team with clean bound CO2 by Fairventures and TREEO. Thanks for that!

Intuity competencies in this project

  • Company Building
  • Sharpening the vision, value proposition, and USP
  • Ecosystem design
  • Organization and spin-off
  • Pitch Deck


Image sources: Christof Krackhardt & Fairventures