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About us

Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


OIKOS – Economy with ‘Hausverstand’

Ecology is the study of our global home. Economics is the study of how to manage a house properly. Both words derive from the Greek word for house - Oikos. A well-managed house brings both together in harmony. Making money and creating something meaningful is very demanding in practice. Fortunately, more and more people make use of their ‘Hausverstand’ and incorporate it in private life, business, and politics. They search, explore, find or invent their role in a human-made yet thriving world. In short: we take action!

A piece of the puzzle of a new picture is emerging. All of our steps lead to systemic change that transforms our society towards sustainable economies and desirable futures. The renowned theologian, cultural historian, and polymath Thomas Berry called this “The Great Work” - the core task of the 21st century.

Surpassing the postmodern mindsets - magic

Most of us will certainly not be able to witness the completion of “The Great Work” project; nevertheless, we venture an optimistic hypothesis: we will not be sufferers but winners of this transformation! Yes, it creates stress and paralysis to face the challenges with our current understanding, but first of all, it is challenging our existing cognitive practice in a positive way.

We, humans, are absolute specialists in adaptation. We can be confident that we will thrive and grow. If we look into the world with open minds, eyes, and hearts, we will experience an epistemological development, an evolution in the way we generate knowledge.

We will make new distinctions and create new meaning. We will challenge old dualities and linear thinking. We will rethink progress and change the foundations of our beliefs, knowledge, and will. Equipped with these skills, we will tell new stories and thus create the conditions for the new and, in the best sense, innovative. We can be optimistic that we will experience not only multiple crises of modernity but also the magic of a renaissance – a life and thinking that surpasses the modern and postmodern mindsets.

„Once the realm of imagination has been revolutionized, reality cannot resist.”
G.W.F. Hegel

We want to thank you very much at the turn of the year. Without you, our clients, partners, friends, advisors, impulse givers, challengers, and critics – Intuity wouldn't exist. Our warmest thanks to you for putting your trust in us. Let's continue our work together, pushing the boundaries of imagination and developing what's desirable for people, the economy, and nature. This is what we are here for.

We wish you happy holidays, a wonderful and magical Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and insightful New Year 2022.

Your Intuity Team

The Christmas motif

Our Christmas motif ‘Oikos’ shows a hexactinellid sponge. Glass sponges are among the longest existing species of living beings on earth. They provide a home for other species.

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