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Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Realistic Hope – the mindset to master the years to come

What a year! The pace of change is staggering. Anyone who tries to grasp reality with fresh eyes and a sharp mind will recognize how different our world has become. It would be euphemistic, in many places even cynical, to present this in an overly optimistic light. And yet there are facets for which we can be grateful. Amid the global upheaval, Europe is a home fit for the future. Astonishingly courageous, yet level-headed; often united and in solidarity, tolerant, always pluralistic. We in the EU can rightly look forward with hope.

These are wonderful values that can also support us in our work; they must because the challenges for the economy and society are multiplying. Those who remain stuck in the past out of fear of the future are risking everything. We must not let this fear take hold! Realism and hope become the categorical imperative for designers of a desirable future.

We want to get down to work with hopeful realism. We will face the volatility of events with independent, strong future visions. We will counter the uncertainty of the markets with rational analysis. And we will confront the frantic complexity with meaningful clarity about what is important to us. We can best counter this ambiguity of everyday streams of information with agility.

Disruptive technologies (BANG) give us superpowers! For the first time in history, we can decouple from slavery and exploitation and scale productivity and prosperity. It is the thoughtful use of technologies that we can trust and build upon.

Promising futures will thrive when we pursue a common purpose - with respectful attention to strengths and opportunities. This is how trust, confidence, and teams that make a difference are born. A common goal is a key to high renewable performance, and to heartfelt thinking and action. It's the precondition for passion and mastery; it's what we use together to crack the tough nuts of the years to come.

„Hope is passion for what is possible.”
Søren Kierkegaard

We want to thank you very much at the turn of the year. Without you, our clients, partners, friends, advisors, impulse givers, challengers, and critics – Intuity wouldn't exist. Our warmest thanks to you for putting your trust in us. Let's continue our work together, pushing the boundaries of imagination and developing what's desirable for people, the economy, and nature. This is what we are here for.

We wish you happy holidays, a wonderful and magical Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and insightful New Year 2023.

Your Intuity Team

About the motif

Our Christmas motif is a nut this year - symbol for the challenges that lie ahead. On the blog, we've tasked an AI with cracking this nut for us.

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