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How user centered is your application?

During an UX Expert Review we analyse existing applications from our point of view as experts for user experience. We evaluate the user-centricity of your product and give concrete instructions on how to increase the attractiveness and usability of the product.

In agile and user-centred product development, users are involved right from the start, their needs are recorded in extensive user research and their affinity with the product is queried in regular user testing. In this way, errors are already discovered during the development process and the product can be adapted accordingly. But how do you deal with this if the desired success fails to materialise after the release or if the development is not yet based on a user-centred process?

A two-star rating in the App Store doesn't look very good. But is the consequence always directly a new development or the abandonment of the project? Perhaps there is a simple adjusting screw to turn in order to help the application achieve the desired success.

To find out, we have developed the UX Expert Review - a method to analyse the user experience of existing applications and derive concrete recommendations for action. The method helps to take the necessary steps to noticeably improve an application. In many cases, it is also a means to convince decision-makers of the relevance of good UX.

Testing based on defined parameters

At the end of our process, we want to be able to present tangible results with concrete recommendations for action that really help our clients and their product teams. That is why, in the first step, we define UX principles together with our clients, which we use to review the product.

First we look at the overall information architecture and the general impression: Is the application clearly structured? What is the general performance and stability like? Then we work our way to the details: What do the single processes look like? Is the user guidance clear and distinctive? Finally, we look at the building blocks of the application: Are the right UI elements used? Are buttons correctly named and icons semantically correct? The previously defined UX principles always serve as a benchmark. This creates a comprehensive picture of the status quo.

Involving the users

We are experts in user experience. The technical expertise, however, lies with our clients and their users. That is why it is important for us to involve the actual users. In this way, we can respond to "learned" and domain-specific aspects. With qualitative user tests, we test our hypotheses and base our recommendations on statements from real users.

Becoming capable of action

We do not leave our customers alone with the findings from the review. Our specific recommendations on weak spots can be easily integrated into the development process. Such a recommendation could be, for example: Write "Delete" instead of "Confirm" on the button in the delete dialogue. When the recommendations are implemented, you can achieve an enormous positive effect on the user experience even through small adjustments.

The UX Expert Review concept can be applied to a product several times. By conducting regular reviews, progress over time becomes measurable. This makes it possible to check whether the measures taken have actually contributed to improving the user experience. Combined with UX KPI, it becomes a method for measuring user experience and anchoring it in the development process.

A UX Expert Review does not replace the user-centred development process. It is a neutral view from the outside and a first cost-effective and non-binding step towards this. It offers a solid foundation for possible new developments and helps to sensitise internal decision-makers to the relevance of UX.

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