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Award ceremony for the German Innovation Award 2024

Portrait of Marius Schnabel
Marius Schnabel


German Innovation Award Gold for TREEO Cooling

TREEO Cooling represents an epochal change in voluntary emissions trading. Based on a highly scientific methodology, TREEO's single-tree monitoring approach offers the first proper standard for fully transparent, traceable natural CO₂ removal. TREEO and Intuity were honored with the German Innovation Award 2024 in Gold for this.

What is Cooling?

TREEO Cooling relies on the climate-cooling effect of trees, which remove CO₂ from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass. The actual CO₂ sequestration is measured, validated and published tree by tree every year to prove the climate contributions. No over-positive estimates. No greenwashing.

TREEO Cooling is the world's first certified CDR product according to the Tree C-Sink standard from the Carbon Standards International. In addition, TREEO single-tree monitoring is the first recognized technology to implement this standard. TREEO is a certificate and technology provider, setting the global benchmark for a new, honest emissions market.

Behind this stands an innovative ecosystem that we moderated as innovation consultants. Scientists, certifiers, TREEO, and other key roles worked together to create a holistic model. Global Cooling is a new service model for carbon sinks that focuses on traceable and science-based cooling effects. Based on this, TREEO Cooling is the first purchasable carbon removal product based on this new model.

Award ceremony at Futurium Berlin on May 14, 2024

Justification by the jury

„Trees are ideal for naturally converting CO₂ from the atmosphere into carbon and binding it over many years. However, the problem for private emissions trading with such certificates has so far been not only to accurately record stored CO₂ quantities, but also to be able to guarantee that the exact amount of biomass paid for remains sequestered in the long term. This is precisely what the company TREEO offers with its revolutionary single-tree monitoring approach, in which every single tree in an area is recorded in a cloud, making the amount of biomass completely transparent and traceable. A first truly convincing standard that promises to make a ground-breaking difference in the global assessment of carbon offsets.”
German Innovation Award Jury

We would like to thank the German Design Council for this award. A much appreciated public recognition for a high quality, transparent reforestation project. As a long-standing strategic partner of Fairventures Digital, we are proud to be a part of this journey.

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