CELLBRICKS – Organs from 3D printers

Written by
Markus Turber
21 December 2016

Intuity has developed a 3D tissue printer (bioprinter) for Cellbricks with particularly high resolution. This makes it possible to produce even the finest vascular structures needed for organs and larger tissues. With this printer, Cellbricks can print three-dimensional living tissue which grows through cell division. Thanks to the specially developed
hardware and user interface, the printer is intuitive and simple to handle. It only takes a few maneuvers and clicks to print an organ.

This research is revolutionary and establishes entirely new conditions for biology, pharmaceutics and medicine. Medicines can also be tested on living human organ models much more efficiently and decisively. The foundation has been laid for quick, uncomplicated printing of mini-organs, organoids and tissue.

Read more about CELLBRICKS here.

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