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Tablet displays the analysis of an energy-efficient house

Easy steps towards an energy efficient home

Energy efficient construction and renovation requires expertise, transparency and a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue. The Bosch Home Configurator provides transparency about the lines of action, options and their effectiveness when it comes to energy renovations and modernization.

The insight that a common platform for developers, architects and planners is missing today came into being two years earlier in a joint project between Bosch Thermo Technology’s (BTT) innovation management and Intuity. By using a prototype, we challenged our hypothesis and did tests with representatives of builders, planners and architects. The response was encouraging. One year later we developed the house configurator for an energy efficient house together with the developers at Bosch Thermo Technology.

Desktop version

After detailed input of the building’s parameters – from the simple shape of the floor plan and the roof form to the energetic updates that were already carried out – understandable projections of energy demands and the anticipated maintenance costs required over the next 30 years are prepared for the user. The calculation is based on fundamentals of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, in conjunction with DIN 18599. Energetic building updates are simulated and a comparison of their efficiencies is made.

Whether renovating the basement ceiling, replacing windows or installing new radiators and heat sources, the house configurator offers many possibilities. The result of the calculations and the necessary investments are visualized according to the net present value method VDI 6025. Private builders cannot be considered as building professionals!

We want to establish talks between the client, planners and architects on equal terms. Therefore, we focused on easy data entry as well as clearly understandable user guidance. Using playful elements allows for the gathering of complex building details in an easy-to-grasp way. Detailed information graphics allow comparisons to be made and illustrate the benefits of potential investments.