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Lightbeam scans the foot shape of the feet standing on it

Mass Customization for your feet

A shoe that fits perfectly, suits a specific purpose and looks great – that’s very hard to find. Until now. The 3D Feetscanner Lightbeam turns a strenuous search for the right shoe into a rewarding shopping experience for both customer and retailer. It’s what we aimed for when we set out to develop the Lightbeam user interfaces for corpus.e
Lightbeam interface

Whether it’s a running shoe, ski boot or a pair for everyday use – the size alone is not enough to find a perfectly fitting shoe. Every foot is shaped individually and consequently has different requirements for every shoe.

Scanning in progress

Lightbeam offers the retailer a tool that enables him to capture the exact foot shape of a customer in just a few minutes. The scanned data is then compared with all the shoes in stock, so the retailer will only suggest those pairs that truly suit the customer’s feet.

Shoe recomendations

As part of the interactivity concept and the user interface design, we aimed to provide the retailer a simple and self-explanatory user interface that would offer the customer a positive user experience. Following the scanning process, retailer and customer can define certain criteria together, compare suggested shoes and add accessories like, for example, insoles or sports socks. This simple and transparent process takes both retailer and customer step-by-step to the desired outcome.

Foot point cloud

The captured 3D model of the feet resembles the tools of a traditional cobbler’s last. Apart from using it to compare with existing stock, it can also serve as a model to design tailor-made shoes. Additionally, the statistical analysis of all captured feet measurements provides shoe manufacturers with a more exact reference point for future shoe productions. This can assist them in designing footwear with a better fit for a mass customer base.