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Energy Foresight – Insight – Action Grafic

Energy Foresight – Insight – Action

Germany is breaking new ground in energy supply. The promotion of renewable energy and the exit from nuclear energy were desired and important steps. The restructuring of the electricity market, decarbonization, the growth of renewable energy, decentralization and sector coupling bring diversity to the energy landscape of companies, business models and products.

Future through new meaning

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products - locally produced from renewable energy, renewable raw materials, durable and recyclable. Products that represent an attitude. The energy turnaround and the desire for change have reached the breadth of society and the market economy. The center of society takes responsibility for the energy transition.

Investors and companies recognize that climate risks are to be equated with investment risks that affect the valuation of companies and their earnings. For companies, this is a great opportunity for economic change and repositioning in the increasing competitive environment. Whoever wants to exist as a company in the future must be aware of its meaning. Since 2020, the capital market has viewed growth potential as a value driver - in 2018, 14% (source: Federal Environment Agency based on AG energy balances, primary energy consumption, status 12/2018) of primary energy consumption was obtained from renewable energy in Germany. According to a report by the International Energy Agency IEA, we need to invest a total of $ 48 trillion US-Dollar in energy supply by 2035 to meet the demand. (Source: International Energy Agency). That is 20% above the current investments.

We continuously redesign the energy landscape with public and private clients. We model systems, develop products, services and business models. With this experience, we support companies and their employees in sharpening their meaning.

Gain new meaning

Energy Foresight – How can I gain new meaning as a company?

We are exploring future option fields. Of course, they are difficult to predict and to be viewed in the context of political, ecological and economic world events. However, we can approach them through hypotheses, assumptions and diversified scenarios in which, for example, we question the apparently obvious. Option fields give us orientation and form the map for strategy-based, well-planned action.

Energy Insight – Develop new fields of action

After the systematic consideration, modeling and compression of the option fields follows. The relevance and chances of success for future business models, products and services are analyzed and evaluated. This results in clear fields of action for the strategy and the portfolio of the companies.

Energy Action – Companion all the way to implementation

We bring the specialist know-how of companies together with experts of business model design, hardware, software, data science and user experience - courageous thinking and entrepreneurial will. In programs and projects, we accelerate companies in the development and implementation of services and products.

Among other things, a newly founded digital division of EnBW and Intuity has set itself the task of exploring new options and realizing them in lighthouse projects. EnBW has thus laid a cornerstone for digital product development in the company. The positive response from customers, mergers and acquisitions led to the expansion of the division into the international market.