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About us

EV home charger for the American market

For Innogy we developed a series of chargers for home use. The result is a networked solution that meets the requirements of home use as well as the different infrastructure conditions of residential areas.

The stations are connected through a backend to provide an overview and control over the charging process. If, for example, several charging stations share weaker power lines from an old building stock, the system also allows charging processes of several vehicles one after the other. This is done on the basis of a priority list that can be defined in advance. This way, drivers can always be sure that their vehicles are ready for use. Daisy chaining several charging stations is supported by design and allows several garage spaces to be used effectively without the risk of overloading. The corresponding app is minimalist and straightforward, to highlight the charging status of the vehicles and the chargers' functions.

What is important when designing objects of everyday use?

During the construction and industrial design of the charging stations, the focus was set on ideal usability and reduction.

Reduction to the essential

What is really necessary for a positive user experience? What is really practical and ergonomic in daily use - and what is superfluous? We have investigated these questions in various series of tests and turned the results into concepts. The resulting product series embodies the design principle form follows function by the Bauhaus, in its clarity, aesthetics and design ideals.

For example, the simple hook like steel bracket provides clarity about its function as a storage place for the charging cable. Our tests with different versions have proven that this bracket is indeed the quickest and most convenient solution for daily storage of the cable.

Constructing the charging stations

Materials and longevity

Today, however, "timeless design" can no longer be thought of without actual longevity. When selecting the materials, we paid attention to resource efficiency and long lifetimes. The dominant materials are glass and powder-coated sheet steel. The charging stations are designed in such a way that the connections can be disconnected again at the end of their lifespan in order to allow recycling by type.

Easy access via app

From concept to industrially manufacturable solutions

Intuity is developing concepts and design for the entire spectrum of electromobile charging infrastructures. This ranges from charging stations of different performance and application areas to effective expansion of charging infrastructure and the development of new platform-based business models, such as effective fleet management.

Bosch E-mobility Ecosystem – Design and engineering

Our clients include EnBW, Bosch, Daimler, Innogy, Moovel and BTC Power. With our experience with networked products and our location in Stuttgart in the heart of the European engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing world, we have an optimal ecosystem for the planning and implementation of industrially manufactured, networked products at our disposal. We accompany the complete spectrum from the idea to the production of your product:

  • Gathering user requirements
  • Exploration and conception of products
  • Design and construction
  • Functional prototypes
  • Monitoring of safety and admission tests
  • Series development (hardware, embedded electronics, software, integration backend/IoT cloud)
  • Industrialisation (partner selection and support)


Bosch E-mobility Ecosystem – From concept to implementation