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Innovation Trigger Cards

Smart Tools – Innovation Trigger Cards

Hello Innovators! Based on our years of experience, we've put together an inspiring set of cards to boost your creativity! It's full of inspiring products and best practices, a comprehensive collection of smart features that make these products stand out, and use cases just waiting to be disrupted.

The Smart Tools – Innovation Trigger Cards spark creativity to guide innovation processes and unleash disruptive potential.

For the deck, we have carefully curated a collection of inspiring smart tools. From connected devices and AI-driven assistants to robot-like tools. These real-world success stories will inspire you to reimagine the possibilities within your industry. In addition, we have a collection of features that you can use to shape the value propositions of your innovation and evaluate them from the perspective of your users.

Joschka Pahl, Strategic UX Designer at Intuity
„In the discovery phase of product innovation, it is important to look at the opportunity space from various perspectives – that's why we designed the Smart Tools Innovation Trigger Cards!”

The deck at a glance: Concept

Within the 'Concept' category, we selected visionary projects crafted by students and corporations as showcases or future teasers. Here, diverse perspectives shed light on innovative ideas for smart tool development. Prepare to explore unconventional concepts that challenge the norm, incorporate early-stage technology and inspire new approaches to problem-solving. Check out this example at hapticlabs.io.

Workshop Formats

The innovation trigger cards are not only a collection of inspiration. We've developed two workshop formats that utilize the true power of the framework. Whether you're venturing into the world of product ideation or striving to enhance your existing offerings, our workshops provide the perfect platform for collaboration, ideation, and strategic guidance.

Workshop 1: Beyond the box

A playful workshop to brainstorm new technology-enabled value propositions. Try the “Beyond the Box” workshop if you have a broad solution horizon or want a different perspective on existing core technologies.

  • Playful approach
  • Open ideation
  • 3-12 Participants
  • 2-4 Hours
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Workshop 2: Along the known

A user-centered workshop on innovating within given guidelines. Try the “Along the Known” workshop to ideate within a set of product, market or company constraints and create solutions based on user research.

  • Structured approach
  • Guided solution finding
  • 3-9 Participants
  • 3-5 Hours
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60+ Cards per deck

Curious? The Smart Tools card deck is free!

We’ve created this card deck for our purposes. However, we believe in the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Therefore, we are happy to send you a deck as well.

Please note: Currently, we still have a limited number of card decks available. We, unfortunately, have to prioritize a little. Please describe your current involvement in the field of innovation. Are you actively engaged in product development, design, or related activities?


Portrait of Antonio Krämer Fernandez

Antonio Krämer Fernandez is the contact person for Intuity Smart Tools.