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About us
People with tooz Smart Glasses

tooz Dev Kit – overcoming the chicken and egg situation of smart glasses

Humans are spatial beings – our sense of sight is one of the greatest gifts for perceiving our environment. Without turning our heads, we perceive our surroundings with a field of vision of up to 200°. Smart glasses merge the sense of sight with the virtual world. However, it is an incredible challenge to come up with relevant use cases while shaping a technology. Intuity and tooz have therefore jointly developed a toolbox that enables companies and lead users to develop their own applications for the smart glasses and thus display content in the wearer's field of vision. This is a fundamental step towards convenient smart glasses for everyday use.
„The screen is a window through which one sees a virtual world. The challenge is to make that world look real, act real, sound real, feel real.”
Ivan Sutherland, Pioneer of the first AR and VR experiments

The dream of enhanced vision

50 years ago Ivan Sutherland already dreamed how the real world and the world of information would merge one day – even if the required technologies were not yet powerful and light enough. Today we are crossing that threshold! tooz has created a true novelty: The first smart glasses that seamlessly integrate into everyday life. The slim design and individual vision correction are two huge steps to increase the appeal of smart glasses for everyday use.

„Gutenberg who noticed that movable type would make it possible for a printing press to print anything – he didn't have anything to print except the bible. Once the printing press had been invented the novel had to be invented to fill the press.”
Ivan Sutherland, Proto Award 2015

Since 2018, our strategists have been addressing the question of how smart glasses can overcome the gap between specialized applications for early adopters and applications for the majority. tooz provides the technical foundation for the new class of devices, but can't satisfy all possible applications from day one – a real chicken and egg situation. To solve this dilemma, the idea of the tooz DevKit was born.

A small package that can be shipped to companies and lead users. The DevKit enables quick testing of a wide range of use cases and applications. tooz creates a community of practice around the smart glasses framework.

tooz at Intuity Media Lab
tooz at Intuity Media Lab
Wireframes for the ecosystem
Wireframes for the ecosystem
tooz Smart Glasses – Versions of the DevKit
tooz Smart Glasses – Versions of the DevKit
Smart Glasses in everyday use
Smart Glasses in everyday use

Information always in view

Our ambition is to create simple tools that add real value. To achieve this we have our Smart Tools division. We create helping assistants that support with good advice. For the tooz smart glasses, our UX designers conceived the interaction ecosystem that enables intuitive operation across a wide range of applications. A system that creates a consistent user experience and yet provides a flexible possibility space for developers.

The DevKit as enabler

The DevKit is an excellent enabler – with it outstanding applications that bridge the gap between early adopters and the early majority are being created. Numerous companies and lead users are exploring promising application areas and implementing functional prototypes. The well-documented toolkit enables developers to swiftly test ideas and use cases:

adidas Runtastic | Link leads to YouTube
Deutsche Telekom | Link leads to YouTube
AO(N²) | Link leads to YouTube

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