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About us
Measurement system with application on the computer screen nearby
Man puts a microscope slide on the measuring stage
Measuring table with application on nearby computer screen

The 'blue thread' in industrial measuring technology

The industrial measurement technology of tomorrow rests on two pillars. On the one hand, it is based on intelligent and highly automated measuring instruments and control algorithms, and on the other hand, on the best possible support for the user. We design and develop the programming of test plans in collaboration with ZEISS. All of the relevant features of a component such as dimensions, radii, geometry, tolerances and texts are automatically recorded, checked and documented for checking. The O-SELECT digital measuring projector is regarded as a pioneer in the field of measurement technology for intelligent systems and innovative UI.

The O-SELECT measuring projector from ZEISS enables simple, reliable optical measurement of 2D components, such as punched parts, bending parts, injection-molded or laser-cut workpieces. The system is used in the industrial production environment for quality assurance purposes.

Automation made easy: serial measurement at the press of a button

“One button, one truth”. The projector only features one button for measurement. When measuring a single component or multiple components of the same type, the user simply places the workpiece on the measuring bench and starts the measuring process by pressing a button. New analysis algorithms recognize all relevant geometries – the right inspection plan is loaded fully automatically. Alignment, focusing, and illumination of the component, as well as measurement of the characteristics, are all realized fully automatically.

A focus on the component: measurement via “click & pick”

The O-SELECT’s innovative click & pick operation enables programming and processing of the inspection plan directly on the camera image for the first time ever. Radii, shapes, distances, and angles are automatically calculated upon selecting one or more geometries. These intelligent mechanics signify an outstanding user experience and efficient working when creating both simple and complex measuring sequences.

Visual and logical structuring: the “blue thread“

The division of complex measuring sequences into so-called measurement modules forms the core for the O-SELECT interaction design. Individual measurement modules result in a measuring program workflow: the “blue thread”. This form of navigation enables easy user orientation allowing the user to quickly adjust the measurement program. In the future, this highlight will represent a major component of ZEISS’s cross-software operating philosophy.

„The clearly defined product design, measurement via “click & pick”, and the “blue thread” will form the core of a universal, uniform user experience for the entire ZEISS software range for industrial metrology systems.”
Der Blaue Faden in der Detailansicht

Transdisciplinary, co-creative teamwork

Over the entire duration of the project, application technicians, software developers, product management from ZEISS, and our experts from Intuity were in close, cooperative collaboration. The user experience strategy and the interaction and visual design were defined together. Hypotheses and knowledge of solution options were synthesized in lead user workshops. Validation was performed with tangible pretotypes, and the relevant lessons learned from testing were continually incorporated into the agile development process of the O-SELECT.

Gemeinsamer Feinschliff mit Anwendungstechnikern, Produkt-Manager
„With their targeted, structured approach, the colleagues from Intuity quickly established themselves as an important component of the central project team. Their particular dedication and how much they enjoy their work have rubbed off onto other colleagues in our company. Intuity has also enabled the development of the creative potential of our employees with professionally organized and led workshops. Thanks to the ability to question existing structures and look at things from a different angle, Intuity has made a major contribution to developing innovative solutions to challenges. In the future, we will remain in close collaboration with Intuity – a decision based on the success of the finished product and the consistently positive feedback from our customers.”
Florian Dotschkal (Product Management Software, Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH)
Überblick über das Design-System