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Technologies are woven into our everyday lives, we live a networked life

Dissolve technology into our daily lives, instead of putting it first

Our home is an important place in our lifes – it's where we come to rest, it's where we feel save. Creating a home that fulfills these needs while providing access to the ever increasing technological possibilities – that's what is driving us at Intuity.

In the recent years we surrounded ourselves with more and more technology – especially at home. Our vision is to dissolve this technology into our everyday live instead of putting it first. We believe this vision can be driven forward at three different levels:

Design Ambient Interfaces for Residents

User interfaces in our homes should behave like a humble butler. Someone that remains in the background in a modest way, is right on the spot when asked for help and respects the time of his counterpart. We created in cooperation with Alpha eos an app that let’s you control and adjust the heating according to your daily habits.

Empower Planners and Engineers

The increasing number of manufacturers, bus systems, and programming paradigms is resulting in extra complexity in a market which already has multiple levels. Engineers, electricians, and architects therefore need to be kitted out with intuitive tools. They need to be able to realize ideas easily in order to bring technology into line with our requirements. Together with Gira, we are designing a tool of this kind: the Gira Project Assistant. It provides electricians with a visual programming interface that assists in modeling and implementing their ideas.

Create Open and Interconnected Products

Openness and the ability to communicate are seriously underestimated properties of promising products. In terms of successful products, designing an open, programmable system or a low-complexity programming interface ranks equally in importance with having a intuitive interaction design and a attractive graphical user interface. An example of this kind of product is homee, which is a simple interpreter that allows you to link up various appliances controlled by radio waves. We’ve been working with the homee team to design their user interface and their product strategy – and ultimately the overall user experience.