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About us
Technologies are woven into our everyday lives, we live a connected life

Weaving technology into everyday life instead of putting it in the spotlight

Networking is more than just a technological process - it has a significant influence on social change. Digital technologies constantly change our perception, our behaviour and our way of life. This change is causing analog and digital, economic and ecological, individual and social, to converge.

This development requires people, companies, and politics to have network-oriented skills and a systemic way of thinking in order to deal confidently with the challenges of networked life. New patterns of thought and the questioning of traditional behaviour in connection with Life-Centered-Design are the basis for sustainable solutions.

We live embedded

Our living environment is increasingly enriched with products and services that are systematically interrelated. Everywhere in our everyday lives, little helpers and digital tools make their contribution to a better life. The smartphone, with its seemingly endless possibilities, has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. For many people it has become an extension of their personality. The products and services that surround us are networked, deliver data, evaluate, forecast, give feedback and thus make our everyday lives easier. But every product also takes up space, time and attention - we live with them.

Antonio Krämer Fernandez
„The products we create reflect the needs and values of their users, as well as those of society.”

Intuity creates products and services that enrich or simplify everyday life through technology. Ideally, we no longer design isolated interfaces between a human and a machine. Rather, we are creating customisable contextual systems that seamlessly integrate with surrounding (eco-) systems, such as an intelligent smart home control, a networked e-bike or a self-learning heating system. There is no doubt that data security plays an increasingly important role. We take this responsibility seriously and see transparent data management as part of our design task.

With the help of artificial intelligence we interpret data that is generated during the use of products and services to a previously unknown depth and quality. This enables new assistance systems and interfaces that adapt to us over time or surprise us. This results in behavior-based interfaces, whose character we shape.

Simplictiy is complexity resolved

The countless possible combinations of networked products and services increase complexity - at home and at work. In the thicket of possibilities, it is crucial to keep an eye on the big picture and make the right connections. In this way, complexity can be resolved and become something ingeniously simple - a quality that makes products attractive and endearing.