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Cuboid parking – We reinvent parking

Our customer Deutsche Parken GmbH has set themselves the ambitious goal of developing a large-scale solution for parking vehicles in high-density inner-city areas. Since 2018, we have been working together to sharpen this vision and make it a reality. Deutsche Parken GmbH is part of a fund of an international investor in the real estate sector and is currently active in the market with two products “Cuboid Parking” and “Avrio Parking”.
  1. What is the vision?
  2. How does the solution work?
  3. Scale up: What is needed for realization?
  4. The role of Intuity
  5. The pivot

What is the vision?

It doesn't matter whether you like to stroll through the city in the evening, whether you're out and about with your children, or whether you enjoy outdoor sports: Far too often, parked vehicles line the sides of streets, turning potential recreational spaces into barricaded obstacle courses. But many metropolises are trying new concepts that are helping to renegotiate urban space.

Parked vehicles in inner-city areas often mean that this very space cannot be used for other purposes. In most cases, vehicles rest 23 hours a day and are only used for one hour. Only the space-saving accommodation of unused vehicles makes the redesign of the city possible. But how and where can vehicles be better stored?

This is where Cuboid Parking comes in. The company's goal is to transform existing urban vacant lots into aesthetic and easy-to-use parking garages. This means that many compact decentralized parking buildings can be created within urban neighborhoods on previously unused land. Small neighborhood parking garages meet people's needs much better than any currently available options. These small parking garages reduce unnecessary transit traffic and unseal parking areas on surrounding streets. This creates the opportunity to turn streets back into public space - for example, by turning the areas green.

As parking space continues to tighten, this decentralized architecture also gives the city the option to accommodate electrified fleets and establish charging hubs throughout the area.

How does the solution work?

To make optimum use of the small spaces, Cuboid Parking relies on vehicle lifts. These take customers to their personal parking space in just a few seconds. A green facade and usable areas for urban gardening and beekeeping on the roof add value to the surroundings.

Example of a basic booking and parking process:

Scale up: What is needed for realization?

Life and pension insurers are looking for long-term investment opportunities for the assets of their customers. Cuboid Parking systematically and globally creates a framework for large investments in metropolitan regions, that also solves the parking dilemma and provides a long-term strategy for cities, citizens, and investors.

For this strategy the city needs a large number of these compact parking garages, which we call Cuboids. A long-lasting solution has to be highly scalable in all aspects, from building permits and investments to software and hardware. To make the project scalable in all these aspects, we have divided the product development into three core areas:

The role of Intuity

After starting with the vision, the value proposition design, and the development of the product's customer experience, our role changed. While developing the Cuboids our role shifted to program coordination of all trades around the digital core. This includes all interconnected aspects of the building technology. We act as an intermediary between changing requirements on the management side and the challenges of an innovative and highly scalable IT solution.

To develop the digital product, we make use of our internal competencies such as product management, conception, experience design, and prototyping – and coordinate a Europe-wide network of suppliers and specialists in the areas of: Frontend Development, Mobile Development, IT Architecture, Cloud Backend Development, Local Backend Development, Authentication Hardware Development, Camera Hardware Supplier, IT Network Supplier, Payment Provider, E-Charging Supplier.

The pivot

On behalf of the three founders of the DPG, we bring the different actors and interest groups together. Our task was to align and harmonize the parties with their unique characteristics and parameters.

Each party involved has certain persistent characteristics such as language, culture, motivation and core competence, and dynamic parameters such as return expectations, speed of operation, experience, motivation, and willingness to innovate. As a coordinator, it is essential to know these factors as precisely as possible. Especially in turbulent and crucial phases, this knowledge is the central key to successful product development.

Time and budgets are not the only ingredients to lead an effective team. It is necessary to establish a clear mission and define milestones on the way to realization. Especially in the initial exploration and definition phase of a product, a small interdisciplinary team makes it possible to transform visions into prototypes quickly. Deriving specific goals from these explorations is extremly valueable for the subsequent realization and scaling phase.

This project has also shown how vital it is to have a physical hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, especially when developing a cyber-physical product. Therefore we have established a place in Bergamo where we can test and further refine the product. This hub enables us to effectively align the digital with the real world.

Prototyping and testing in our physical hub

Insight into the result

In the following prerelease video, you get a small insight into the interaction of the core components: Application, Cloud Backend, Local Backend & Hardware. Enjoy!

Our partners

  • Deutsche Parken
  • Synesthesia
  • Sodge IT
  • ELFIN Technology
  • Chiara Vercesi