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About us
Immersive Messtechnik

Immersive Metrology – Integrate mixed reality and evaluate potential

Intuity developed a research project on the unique combination of measurement, tracking and augmentation technologies. The future-oriented application optimises and increases the efficiency of the measurement process and checks the economic feasibility for ZEISS Industrial Metrology. The holographic display of the measurement data calculated in real time directly on the component ensures a seamless and effective workflow for measurement technicians during hand-held laser scanning.

The digital twin of our world is becoming more and more precise and is enabling autonomous means of transportation, medical CT images for disease analysis, or the digitalization of production processes to ensure high quality. However, keeping track of the accompanying flood of data is also becoming increasingly complex!

Mixed Reality (MR) creates the possibility to visualize digitalized processes spatially, interactively, and comprehensibly. It establishes a direct reference to reality and makes dependencies transparent and understandable. To evaluate the added value of this MR technology for clients, Intuity creates user-centric concepts, technical prototypes, and goal-oriented visions. This experience and the gained knowledge gives us the confidence to make decisions for the manufacturing industry and its sectors.

Simon Merath
„New potential always brings new challenges. We create solutions by exploring technologies, understanding domains and creating visions.”

Reliability through exploration, testing, and experience

Industrial measurement technology requires the highest precision in data acquisition, analysis, and evaluation. The team incorporated the software philosophy blue thread, and the value proposition of ZEISS into the third dimension. Always with the component and its digital twin in focus.

A virtual representation of the created data

The ZEISS T-scan hand-held laser scanner captures high-precision 3D coordinates and enables a visual quality check by overlaying a target-actual comparison. Equipped with smart glasses, it allows fast, free and intuitive work on the component. With the virtual superimposition of measurement data, it is possible to evaluate the production results directly in space.

Measuring technicians are supported in their processes by audio-visual means, from setting up the system to the long-term analysis. The application provides access to previously invisible tools and reference data sets. Results are mirrored in real-time on the Microsoft Hololens to experience the added value of the information.

„We always see new technologies as opportunities to develop innovative solutions for our customers. However, new ideas must be made tangible by means of conceptual and technical prototypes in order to evaluate their potential and relevance. Working with Intuity's experts, we are able to quickly develop our visions in this dynamic environment.”
Dr. Dominik Schmid, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions