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About us
Bernhard Staiber in the process of explorative strategy development

Developing Strategy

Exploratory Strategy Development

Strategy is our central tool for creating a better future. Getting there requires more than just planning – it requires creativity and insights from the field. That's why our program, Exploratory Strategy Development, focuses on three key areas.

Focus on People

Do you want to understand what truly creates value for people? Our approach brings out the goals, needs, and challenges of the actors involved – for example, through interviews and shadowings. This includes internal stakeholders, your customers or users, as well as your own employees. We identify the right approaches to increase customer value externally and efficiency internally, thus creating new value.

Focus on Exploration

From our experience, creative paths lead to the most exciting potentials and a broad spectrum of opportunities for action. With an open mind, we are ready to question and rearrange all facets of the challenge. What product and service offerings are valuable and attractive? What does this mean for the organization and processes? A significant side effect: Our co-creative approach engages your employees and ensures sustainable knowledge transfer.

Focus on Experimentation

We are skeptical of ideas that sound good but aren't substantiated. Therefore, we need to make promising approaches tangible through preto- or prototypes. Feedback from potential customers or users quickly reveals opportunities and critical paths. This complements the more numbers-based market and competitive perspective and greatly assists in making informed decisions.

Bernhard Staiber
„Without an anchor in the real world, strategy is a toothless tiger. Only when stakeholders within and outside the company are involved can a corporate strategy be successful.”

Only when ideas have proven themselves relevant and robust in testing can they create sustainable value for a company.

Are you ready to explore new paths?