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Internship at Intuity: Leon, Lui, Seb

We are Leon, Luigi and Sebastian. All from different universities in Germany. During the last six months, we had the pleasure of gaining knowledge, fetch ideas and help realising great projects at Intuity Stuttgart. Leon studies Interaction Design at the University of Applied Science Schwäbisch Gmünd. There he’s focussing on making complex things simple, no [...]

enterJS 2014 – A conference where JavaScript met the enterprise

Amongst designers and frontend engineers JavaScript is a well known and valued weapon of choice. In the enterprise world however, especially here in Germany, things behave a little differently. People are often having trouble finding their way through the open web ecosystem and in some contexts JavaScript is still wrongly underestimated as a toy language. [...]

Lab Talk: Berlin-based Raureif, about crafting beautiful apps

Not often do you see an oxford comma in a presentation. But apparently, this is how Raureif rolls. We were happy to have Timm Kekeritz and Frank Rausch visiting our office for our LabTalk series. “Raureif is a small design studio: three designers, two developers—big enough to take on any challenge (..)” When asking them what they are [...]

Energy Turnaround – “Fishing in Cloudy Waters”, Markus Turber speaking at Energy Talks Ossiach 2014 Conference

Intuity Partner Markus Turber will be speaking at this year’s Energy Talks Ossiach – about necessary creative talent and impulses which are going to foster the energy turnaround. This week, the Energy Talks Ossiach 2014 will take place. The aim of the Energy Talks is to develop visions of a future humane oriented energy supply [...]

Lab Talk: Developing the software environment vvvv, with joreg (vvvv-group)

Last week we were really happy to welcome joreg from the vvvv-group for a Lab Talk about the concept and development of visual-based programming languages. joreg is one of the co-founders of the hybrid development environment vvvv – a visual and textual based realtime programming environment. He and his development team, named vvvv-group, are currently [...]

Lab Talk: Bastian Allgeier about decentralized data

Bastian Allgeiers mission is to bring design and code together to build something awesome. His talk gave us a good insight about his idea on decentralizing data. He started with state of the art ideas and products, which are more or less simple server solutions for small companies or home servers for private consumers. He [...]

Visiting this year´s Control

Curious about the state of the art in metrology systems, colleagues from Intuity visited the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance. Our clients, the Carl ZEISS Industrial Metrology definitely set the benchmark once again. With the launch of the new ZEISS XENOS they present a high-end machine pushing the boundaries of technical feasibility. Image: [...]

Prototyping Interfaces at TYPO Berlin 2014, with Intuity fellow Roman

Jochen Leinberger & Roman Grasy at last year’s Push Conference / Photo by Push Conferece We are really proud and excited that Intuity fellow Roman will be speaking at this year’s TYPO Berlin 2014. Roman Stefan Grasy will talk together with Jochen Leinberger and Mark Lukas about their book “Prototyping Interfaces – Interactive Sketching with VVVV”. They will give [...]

Lab Talk: Next Gen High Content Screening Platforms, with Dr. Urban Liebel

We were pleased to welcome Dr. Urban Liebel for an Intuity Lab Talk. Urban dedicated himself to accelerate processes in biotech labs – mainly focusing on research using zebrafishes as model organism. He is co-founder and CTO of Acquifer AG – a company that develops high-content-screening-platforms for primarily image based life science research. Interdisciplinary challenges [...]

Say hello to Lisa, Christoph and Valentin

Here are three brilliant new Intuity fellows! Say hello to Lisa Scherner, Christoph Witte and Valentin Fischer. They all have a different background and unique skills, so we’re really happy to have them! Lisa is the new “heart and soul” of Intuity – our new Executive Assistant :) Christoph Witte studied architecture and worked several [...]