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Lab Talk: Next Gen High Content Screening Platforms, with Dr. Urban Liebel

We were pleased to welcome Dr. Urban Liebel for an Intuity Lab Talk. Urban dedicated himself to accelerate processes in biotech labs – mainly focusing on research using zebrafishes as model organism. He is co-founder and CTO of Acquifer AG – a company that develops high-content-screening-platforms for primarily image based life science research. Interdisciplinary challenges [...]

Say hello to Lisa, Christoph and Valentin

Here are three brilliant new Intuity fellows! Say hello to Lisa Scherner, Christoph Witte and Valentin Fischer. They all have a different background and unique skills, so we’re really happy to have them! Lisa is the new “heart and soul” of Intuity – our new Executive Assistant :) Christoph Witte studied architecture and worked several [...]

Lab Talk: Ralf Allrutz on Pretotyping

Ralf Allrutz, astrophysicist, IT entrepreneur and innovation coach, visited us in Stuttgart and gave an interesting talk about “Pretotyping”. Pretotyping is a method for gaining speed in evaluating ideas. Testing more ideas in less time means that we can foster the probability of identifying the innovation sweet spot. The goal is to find “the right it” before building “it right”. The concept is based on the works of Alberto Savoia, who formed the term “Pretotyping”.

120 days at Intuity: Daniel and Simon

1020 hours means 120 days starting our day comfortable at 9am. 120 days are also 24 weeks discussing about the newest working outcome and hottest trends at the weekly monday meetings. 24 weeks means furthermore working together with inspiring colleagues for 6 months and drinking about 336 cups of tasty fresh brewed espresso. What 120 [...]

A journey into Mass Customization, with Corpus.e and 3D foot scanning

Last thursday, the Intuity team paid a visit to our friends of Corpus.e. Corpus.e is developing state of the art 3d foot scanning technology to help customers finding their perfect matching pair of shoes. We have been cooperating with Dirk Rutschmann – cofounder of Corpus.e – and his team for three years. We found out [...]

Lab Talk: Human organs on a chip, with Lutz Kloke

Lutz Kloke, Biologist at TU Berlin, visited our office in Stuttgart last week. He works for TissUse – a Berlin based biotech startup developing organs on chips. TissUse is following a very ambitious and extremely fascinating science. They feature a combination of human organs on one single chip …

Mathias and Steffen say hi!

This week we welcome two new creative technologists to our team in Stuttgart! Mathias Maciossek and Steffen Gottschalk

New intern (for a week): Hello Ludwig!

Hi, I am Ludwig and I am fine, thanks. I am studying Industrial Design at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and spending this week at the Intuity office. I am looking closely and listening carefully at everything that is happening around here!

The New Industrial Revolution – Everyone’s a maker!

Another industrial revolution is under way, and we are in the midst. And it’s all thanks to our brand new MakerBot Replicator 2 which was delivered earlier today. Well, it might be way too early to describe the emergence of 3D printing as a new industrial revolution – although Chris Anderson has just done that [...]

Celebrating a great year 2013

2013 was an exciting year for Intuity with lots of awesome people, innovative projects and also new challenges. Reason enough to celebrate together with our friends and families – enjoying good drinks and good food. Here’s a quick video with a few impressions of our Intuity Annual Celebration a.k.a. Christmas party :) A great year [...]