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Preisverleihung German Innovation Award 2024

Portrait of Joschka Pahl
Joschka Pahl


Innovation Trigger Framework wins twice at German Innovation Award

We developed the Innovation Trigger Framework based on our extensive experience with innovation processes. We asked ourselves how innovation processes can be steered and how disruptive potential can be quickly detected in the early phase of a project. For our framework, we won the German Innovation Award 2024 in the category 'Excellence in Business to Business' for 'Office Solutions' and 'Innovation Methods'.

We have created an easily accessible methodology that accelerates and sustainably boosts creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration. When developing smart products, all disciplines must work together – especially at the beginning.

The Innovation Trigger Cards are filled to the brim with inspiring best practices, user-centered applications and a collection of smart features just waiting to be recombined or fused to create new solutions. You can use the cards to explore new areas of opportunity or improve an existing product.

„The Innovation Trigger Cards are the ideal starting point for interdisciplinary collaboration in product innovation.”
Certificate of the German Innovation Award 2024

We thank the German Design Council for the award! Thanks also to everyone who helped us develop the Innovation Trigger Framework.

Do you want to develop next-generation smart products? Are you interested in the Innovation Trigger Cards?