New Meaning

“New Meaning – For a Realistic Idealism in a Programmable World”

We experience how basic conditions and entire reference systems in politics, society, ecology and economy fundamentally change. We must take these new preconditions into account in our thinking and promptly in action because in such a situation too little radicalism easily leads to too much extremism. We need groundbreaking – and above all positive utopias for our future life and production! Coincidently, we lack the time – because we should have acted on a larger scale for a long time. What does it mean to shape our future in this situation radically?

Intuity partner Markus Turber has focussed on this topic in his new book. In his essay “New Meaning – For a Realistic Idealism in a Programmable World”, he explores together with the philosopher Hauke ​​Behrendt why a “farther on” is not an option for action and why a realistic worldview has become an idealistic one today.

Chapter overview:

1. How radical is realistic?
2. A new operating system for our planet
3. Liquid realities
4. In the complexity carousel
5. Cleavage tendencies
6. “But where the danger is, so grows the saving power.” (Friedrich Hölderlin)
7. Macro is better than micro
8. Automation and artificial intelligence: evolutionary leap or Procrustean bed?
9. Respectful togetherness in a digital world
10. 99% digital is almost analogue – 100% still not good
11. By-bye standard
12. From bullshit to new meaning
13. Buy future!
14. Radically idealistic and realistic
15. Systemic problems require a systemic solution: Invest in freedom!
16. New Meaning

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