wolkenkit: working together to create a connected world

wolkenkit is a CQRS and event-sourcing framework for JavaScript and Node.js, which fits perfectly to DDD (domain-driven design). It provides the technical foundation for cloud-capable applications, including an event store and a scalable real-time API. This allows developers to focus on the essentials: the development of collaborative, interdisciplinary solutions for tomorrow’s connected world.

Modern software development with wolkenkit

The development of software is not an end in itself, but should always solve a real existing problem. A domain, which is the subject of the problem to be solved, must be mapped into code as accurately as possible. Only if the domain with its underlying logic is reproduced correctly in all its facets a software can achieve what is expected of it.

However, software development is still carried out within disciplinary boundaries. To solve a real-world problem comprehensively, an interdisciplinary team is crucial. Only this way – together – sustainable success is possible.

A shared understanding as the key to success in the long term

If all the roles involved in the development process gain a common understanding of the subject to be implemented, it is possible to accurately model the domain. Visionaries, company founders, CIOs, technologists, designers, product owners – in short, all those who are entrusted with solving technical challenges on a daily basis – are equally involved.

Once a shared understanding and a common language have been developed, it is necessary to translate the domain model into appropriate code. As a typical problem, too much time is wasted on solving technological problems instead of implementing what is important: solving real-world issues.

Hello, wolkenkit

This is where wolkenkit enters the scene. wolkenkit is an open-source framework that allows developers to focus on the essentials: solving real-world problems.

This way, a time-consuming setup of application environments is avoided, so that the problems and requirements of the real world can be poured into solutions more easily, quickly and cost-effectively. In other words, wolkenkit makes it possible to tailor software more precisely and flexibly to the domain-related needs and wishes of users.

DDD, event-sourcing and CQRS as a technological basis

Technologically, wolkenkit is based on the three concepts DDD (domain-driven design), event sourcing and CQRS (Command-Query-Responsibility-Segregation). This makes it possible to collect all domain-relevant events in the course of time, which can be evaluated historically. It also achieves high scalability, which is particularly important for digital products and services in the cloud.

Internally, wolkenkit generates an HTTP/2 and a websocket API for the modeled functionality, and also handles aspects such as authentication, authorization and persistence. The framework also supports the sending of real-time event notifications.

Strategic partnership

wolkenkit is developed by the native web a company specialized in native web technologies. The native web was founded in November 2012 by Susanna and Golo Roden, and Intuity has been involved as a partner since spring 2013. In this strategic partnership, developing the idea of wolkenkit was continued and driven forward in close cooperation. Matthias Wagler is involved as lead core developer for both companies.

the native web and Intuity share the enthusiasm for web technologies and the deep conviction that JavaScript is the platform of the future for digital products and services. The potential of co-creative and interdisciplinary cooperation is highly valued from our own experience, as this is the only way to create vital strategic partnerships that ultimately always lead to better solutions and products.

As a result of this interdisciplinary collaboration, wolkenkit helps create more targeted digital products, services and business systems for the connected world, thanks to its focus on specialist knowledge and innovation.

Editions: community and enterprise

In June 2017 wolkenkit 1.0 was released. the native web offers wolkenkit in two versions: the community edition is available under an open-source license for free. The paid enterprise edition offers additional features and allows the use in commercial environments. More information can be found on the project’s website and in the wolkenkit documentation .

A community is currently developing around wolkenkit, which primarily exchanges information via Slack and StackOverflow. Taking into account the feedback from the community, wolkenkit is constantly being developed further.


the native web offers an introduction to wolkenkit and the related concepts in a 68-page free ebook. In addition, videos are also available on the company’s own video platform tech:lounge to get you started with wolkenkit.

the native web attaches great importance to constructive and interdisciplinary cooperation. the native web and Intuity share the conviction that JavaScript and web technologies are the platform of the future.

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