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Back to the blogIntuity Parkvogel is an intelligent sensor for urban parking

Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Parkvogel – Prototyping Future Urban Parking

Although parking downtown costs a pretty penny, it does not mean that all debts are payed already. The lion’s share has to be payed by the environment. People searching for kerbside parking over and over cause congestion and pollution. During the last decades, the desperate scramble for parking spots has increasingly added to the problems of chronic congestion and choking pollution in cities and urban areas – and sets our nerves all on the edge.

Lucky us! At Intuity most of us either use public transport (the train station is right around the corner) or car sharing services like car2go to get to the office every morning.

In some cases, however, people do use their own car. For that, there is one single spot in our underground car park. This spot is used by clients as well as by our colleagues. But there’s one problem: if you’re arriving with your own car, you can not be sure if the spot is free or not. So what do you do? You either have to look into the calendar, or you just drive down the ramp only to find the spot already occupied.

Fabian and I thought it might be time to put our heads together to create a better parking experience.