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The robot Kopernikus supports elderly people with cognitive or physical disabilities
Two people view the results of the Machine Learning Assistant
Automatic malaria detection with the intelligent Minimic microscope

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence to amplify humans with super powers

Despite the hype around artificial intelligence human expertise and experience are still irreplaceable. For our clients we use artificial intelligence techniques to help them handle the complexity and data overload of our world.

Our Expertise

We combine a broad knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning with user experience design, strategic thinking and transdisciplinary skills. We support companies to explore new products and help them handle the complexity of today’s world.

  • How can your business profit from artificial intelligence? In workshops with your domain experts we create a map of options for a better understanding for opportunities and risks.
  • Evaluation of the maturity of AI techniques: research of similar use cases, prototyping for specific use cases.
  • Solutions for specific tasks: advantages and disadvantages of techniques, cost estimation, overview of necessary skills and resources
  • Prototyping: Making use cases of AI techniques — in software and hardware — graspable. In particular we consider the scalability of the techniques to make realistic cost estimations for a broader rollout.

Our Tools

We develop software tools and solution patterns based on scientific findings. Our focus lies on creating business value and interaction with stakeholders.

Intelligent Decisions

Heuristic Problem Solving (HPS) Toolkit

Which product idea is worth developing? Where should we open a new branch? How do we best address customers? How do we compose efficient teams? Businesses are permanently confronted with decisions in complex contexts. With the multitude of options and information one easily loses track and in extreme cases relies on purely algorithmic decision methods, which decide worse than humans, but also take the blame. We think that people should always have the last word, but need assistance by an intelligent combination of data, heuristics and decision mechanisms. Our approach to decision support is derived from scientific findings on human decision making as well as search and optimization algorithms from artificial intelligence. An additional benefit results from an automatic documentation, enabling a learning process from experience.

More information (PDF, german)

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Assistant

Machine Learning is hyped as the new silver bullet, employing data scientists is becoming next to impossible. Many companies wonder whether machine learning makes sense for their specific business. This question can only be answered in the context of specific questions, data and domain expertise. We offer a prototyping service for machine learning, where we combine the efficiency of our machine learning tool with your domain expertise to quickly assess whether a larger investment in data driven methods promises economic benefits.

More information (PDF, german)

Our Projects

Kopernikus, the robot


Kopernikus was designed in a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which explored alternatives to support elderly people with cognitive or physical limitations. Kopernikus is a little companion that does not only offer support, but also needs help itself (for example to climb a staircase); that is cute, but not anthropomorphic. The concept was awarded the UX Design Award 2018. Kopernikus is open source in every respect: its hardware can be replicated with off-the-shelf components for less than 1000 EUR, the software is available for free.

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Automatic Malaria Detection


According to the WHO, in 2016 200 million blood samples were tested for Malaria. To do this, experts have to count infected cells in a microscope. With 10 minutes time per sample, this results in a total effort of more than 3805 years of human work. Our minimic is an automatic microscope that detects diseases such as Malaria in blood samples using deep neural networks. We collaborate with universities and research facilities for annotating samples and exploring minimc’s use in the research workflow.

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Who we are

Our team combines decades of knowledge from research and application of artificial intelligence with expertise and experience in hardware and software prototyping in different application domains. Instead of focusing on specific technologies, we specialize in problem solving, using whatever technology required.

Dr. Alexandra Kirsch

Unimpressed by the hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, she manages to apply their most relevant insights for our clients. Before her start at Intuity Alex was assistant professor for Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction at the University of Tübingen. Before that she headed a junior research group in Robotics at TU München. Other than algorithms, she enjoys cultivating colourful and flavourful plants in her garden.

Tim Rach

In his PhD work he examines Artificial Intelligence methods to help us focus our attention when using digital artefacts. At Intuity his specialties are frontend and backend development, never failing to bring the ambitious ideas of his colleages to life. Tim likes to spend his free time in the pool – not relaxing with a cocktail, but in the turmoil of a water polo derby.

Steffen Süpple

He used to be a professor for interaction design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and scientist at the Institute for Organization and Management of Information Systems at the University of Ulm. Steffen loves to experiment with new technologies in interdisciplinary, explorative projects, where he can explore unchartered wateres and question established patterns. His work was accredited with several awards. He finds relaxation on the yoga mat and on his old BMW.