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Intuitive user experience using the Smart Home control Homee as an example

Designing User Experience

The key to success of new products and services is a positive user experience.

We shape experiences alongside the users’ journey: from initially learning about the product and its start-up to being used on a daily basis and systematically interacting with other services. Our aim is to give those products and services a soul and to create meaning for prospective customers.

Research and Exploration

We love to dig into complex problems. We want to understand the matter, the users, and the stakeholders entirely. Intense and enjoyable learning is needed to do the right step. The more we know, the greater is our capacity to imagine, to strategically advise and to design for the better. Our team play is versed and our team is multi-competent to implement more quickly better solutions for our clients.

Experience Design, Interaction Design, Technology and Business System

We develop user interfaces for products and services that people appreciate and happily use due to the products’ character, straightforward operation, and quality. User experience and interaction design, technology, and business model have to be compatible to develop a sustainable solution for the future. We involve prospective users and work in an transdisciplinary team with our clients to develop a fully understandable architecture for the entire system.


A Perfect implementation determines if an idea succeeds in the market. Mastering obstacles is not a burden, it’s the key to generate a product’s USP. On one occasion, a careful considered compromise may be necessary – on another one, the idea has to be protected and defended with strong arguments. This calls for passion and hard work, but the investments pay off. We interlink and interact with pre-development, engineering, programming, production, marketing and top management. And we assist our clients to implement strategic project and stakeholder management. We program, specify and document everything you need to know about the new business system, the product and service architectures, the interaction an visual design, hardware and product design.